WILPF today

Women’s Power to Stop War and build permanent peace.

Internationally WILPF continues to work tenaciously to persuade international leaders to act on UN Women, Peace and Security Resolutions, to bring leaders of women’s groups in war-ravaged countries such as Syria and Iraq to the peace table.  

In April 2015, 22 women from Australia, joined over 1000 women and men, human rights defenders and peace activists from 80 countries, including women from all areas of violent conflict, gathered in The Hague, for WILPF’s Women’s Power to Stop War Conference.  The key messages from this Conference are underlined in the Global Study on Women Peace and Security, released on 15th Anniversary of 1325, “participation (of women), ending militarism, controlling arms, addressing gendered power structures, and working for peace.”  These messages underpin WILPF Australia’s progam.


WILPF now has national sections in 30 countries, covering all continents. WILPF has consultative status as an NGO with the United Nations.  Its International Secretariat is based in Geneva with a New York UN office. In Australia there are WILPF branches in 4 states and the ACT, a YoungWILPF network and many linked members in WA, Victoria and N.T.