WILPF activities

Investing in Peace, Working for Human Rights and against all forms of Injustice 

From its beginning WILPF has campaigned against war toys, supported education for peace and human rights, and non-violent conflict resolution, and worked to establish peace studies programs and peace research centres.

WILPF works closely with organisations such as UNAA, MAPW, Women in Black, UNWomen, A Chorus of Women, and other human rights and development organizations such as ANTAR, Refugee Action and Climate Action. WILPF participates in the annual 16 days of Activism to End Gender-Based Violence and the lnternational Day of Peace.


Building Sustainable Peace

In 2000, Australian Felicity Hill, Director of the WILPF UN Office, played a significant role in the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 ‘Women, Peace and Security’ which recognises the crucial role women play in processes of conflict prevention, resolution and peace-building: a central tenet of the 1915 Congress resolutions.  In Australia, WILPF led the way in furthering its implementation by the Federal Government, assisting in the initial development of a Women, Peace and Security National Action Plan (NAP), which was finally launched in 2012. WILPF is now centrally involved with other national NGOs in monitoring and reporting on its implementation in both our domestic and foreign policies and making recommendations for its improvement.