Recent and Current Activities of MAPW

MAPW encourages public debate and lobbies politicians with the information it provides. Campaigns include:

  • informing Australians of the health, environmental and financial costs of Australia’s wars;
  • increasing controls over the spread of lethal weapons here and overseas;
  • banning inhumane weapons such as cluster bombs, land mines and chemical weapons;
  • supporting a global treaty to move towards a world free of nuclear weapons.

MAPW recent actions: 

  1. Provided expert information and analysis on the Fukushima nuclear accident and the hazards of ionising radiation in the mass media and through our own publications.
  2. Campaigned for the total abolition of nuclear weapons, through the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). ICAN has established a Geneva office with Norwegian government support.
  3. Built support for a Nuclear Weapons Convention: now backed by 147 UN member countries.
  4. Published and distributed 2000 copies of Vision 2030, our critique of Australia’s military spending and strategy.
  5. Urged that peace-building be the focus of the 2015 ANZAC centenary commemoration, through a detailed submission.
  6. Analysed and published on the health effects of uranium mining and the nuclear industry.
  7. Produced fact sheets on ionising radiation, and its health risks; and debunking “medical” rationales for a nuclear waste dump.
  8. Visited remote communities to inform them of the health hazards of uranium mining.
  9. Called for an independent inquiry into Australia’s participation in the Iraq war.
  10. Analysed the Afghanistan war and the Australian Defence Force’s presence in Afghanistan.
  11. Researched and produced information on the increasing use of drones and robotic warfare.
  12. Held and spoken at meetings and events on issues of peace, abolishing nuclear weapons, and the hazards of the nuclear industry, in every Australian state and territory.