Details about contributors to the Australian Living Peace Museum can be found below:

NB Nikola Balvin
Nikola Balvin is the Knowledge Management Specialist at the UNICEF Office of Research, Innocenti, Florence, Italy

MB Margaret Beavis
Dr Margaret Beavis is the President of the Medical Association for the Prevention of War Australia.

DB Diane Bretherton
Di Bretherton is an Honorary Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Queensland.

AC Alan Clayton
Alan Clayton is a member of the Victoria Regional Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

LD Les Dalton
Les Dalton, retired research scientist, has campaigned and written on world peace and nuclear weapons issues since the 1950s. He co-authored submissions to the Fox Inquiry on links between nuclear power and nuclear weapons. His special interest has been the preparation of information, written and visual, for community education.

MHG Michael Hamel-Green
Michael Hamel-Green is Emeritus Professor at Victoria University and has been active in the anti-war and anti-nuclear movements since the 1960s.

DH Dale Hess
Dale Hess is a member of the Victoria Regional Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

NM Nic Maclellan
Nic Maclellan works as a journalist and researcher in the Pacific islands.

KM Ken Mansell
Ken Mansell is a long-time anti-war activist and a historian of post-sixties Australian protest movements. 

HVM Harry van Moorst
Harry van Moorst was Vice-Chairperson of the Melbourne Moratorium 1970-72. He was an activist continuously from his student days too his death in February 2022.

BO Bobbie Oliver
Bobbie Oliver is an Honorary Research Fellow in History at The University of Western Australia. She is the author of Peacemongers (Fremantle, 1997), and Hell No! We Won't Go! Resistance to Conscription in postwar Australia (Interventions, 2022).

CR Carolyn Rasmussen
Carolyn Rasmussen is chair of the Victorian Working Party of the Australian Dictionary of Biography and honorary fellow in History at the University of Melbourne, where she completed a PhD on the peace movement between the two world wars.

PS Paul Strangio
Paul Strangio is Associate Professor in Politics at Monash University, author of a biography of Jim Cairns (2002) and prize-winning books on Australian politics and Prime Ministers, and a frequent media commentator on Australian political issues.