Leaflet, ‘Why Register For National Service’, 1968 or 1969

Leaflet, 'Why Register?'
Leaflet, ‘Why Register For National Service’, 1968 or 1969
This is the front cover of a four-page folded leaflet entitled ‘Why Register For National Service’, from 1968 or 1969. It has black text on a yellowed background. It asks readers that "If your son or boyfriend is due to register, please pass this on to him." As well as the text, it has a picture of the back of a soldier, who is holding a gun and facing trees and two helicopters in the distance.

The leaflet was ‘published and printed with authorization by the undersigned from Victoria, NSW, Tasmania, and South Australia’. Versions of this leaflet first appeared in Melbourne in 1968, published alternately by the Young Socialist League and the Centre for Democratic Action (57 Palmerston Street Carlton). It was reprinted numerous times with an ever-increasing number of signatories from all states.
1968 or 1969
Copyright unknown
Ken Mansell private collection