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Resisting Australia's Wars

Conflict has been a large part of much of Australia's history. The colonisation of Australia involved the dispossession, often violent, of Indigenous peoples' land. In the more than 200 years since, Australians have often been involved in overseas wars.

There has always been resistance to these wars. Sometimes the opposition to war has been small; sometimes it has been strong. This section of the Museum details Australian involvement in war and the histories of those who have resisted this involvement.

The New Zealand Wars


The New Zealand Wars were a series of conflicts between Maori and the British colonial forces. The first armed battles...


The World War I Anti-conscription movement


The First World War has been the focus of much discussion in  Australia's history. Many people have written that the...


The Australian Peace Movement 1914-18

We ought to begin this text with seven snapshots illustrating peace activism by individuals and groups during the first Word...


Project Albany and The Centenary of the Great War

Project Albany was funded by the Anzac Centenary Board to digitise the repatriation records of the First World War. The...


Opposition to the Vietnam War in Australia


Australia's 1965-1972 involvement alongside the US in the Vietnam War and its associated introduction of conscription was opposed by one...


Australian Conscientious Objectors to War

#2 A Certificate of Reistration.jpg

There have always been persons whose conscientious beliefs did not permit them to participate in war. The gallery is devoted...


Australian Conscientious Non-compliers during the Vietnam War

During the Vietnam War Years from 1965 to 1972 there were eligible young men for military call-up whose conscientious beliefs...