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Photograph, Vietnam Moratorium march : press conference, January 1974 : Sam Goldbloom and Jim Cairns

A photograph by John Ellis showing Jim Cairns and Sam Goldbloom at a press conference during a Vietnam War Moratorium march in January 1974.

This Moratorium March occurred during the final stages of the Vietnam War. After Australian, US and other…

Drawing, 'Fighting the Octopus'

Cartoon by Claude Marquet from the Worker newspaper showing Australia resisting the embrace of global capitalism through nationalisation.

Global capitalism, represented by an Octopus, is shown as having ensnared Europe, America and Asia.

Photograph, Quakers Demonstrating for Peace in Franklin Square

Photograph showing a Quaker silent witness for peace in Hobart at the beginning of the Vietnam war in 1962.

Poster, Boycott French products

Photograph of a poster calling for a boycott of French products in opposition to French Nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Photograph, Moruroa workers with Roland Oldham (centre), President of Moruroa e Tatou

Roland Oldham (centre) and nuclear workers.jpg
Photograph of Moruroa workers pictured with the President of Morrow e Tatou, Roland Oldham

Painting, Tahitian artist parodies Gauguin’s "Two Tahitian women”

Tefana picture.jpg
Photograph of an artwork by a Tahitian artist that parodies the painting by Paul Gaugin, "Two Tahitian women".

Photograph, Traditional priest Raymond Graffe inaugurates nuclear survivors’ memorial in Tahiti

priest 2.JPG
Photograph of traditional priest Raymond Graffe inaugurating the nuclear survivors’ memorial in Tahiti

T-shirt, If it is safe, test it in Paris…

Photograph of a t-shirt with message "If it is safe, test it in Paris"

Photograph, The July 1946 US nuclear test on Bikini Atoll, codenamed Baker

Operation Crossroads  Baker 1946.jpg
Photograph of the July 1946 US nuclear test on Bikini Atoll, codenamed Baker

Photograph, Marshall Islander Rinok Riklon

Rinok Riklon.jpg
Photograph of Marshall Islander Rinok Riklon, who played in fallout as a girl after the 1954 Bravo test