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T-shirt, If it is safe, test it in Paris…

Photograph of a t-shirt with message "If it is safe, test it in Paris"

Poster, Wanted for Obeying their Conscience

Poster, featuring the slogan 'Wanted for Obeying their Conscience Penalty 2 Years Gaol' and the photographs of five draft resisters, produced as a part of the Vietnam War draft resistance campaign

Poster, Stop Work to Stop the War

Poster featuring the slogan 'Stop Work to Stop the War' produced for the Vietnam Moratorium on June 30 1971

Poster, Stockholm Peace Appeal

Poster designed by Pablo Picasso for the Stockholm Appeal, calling for a worldwide ban on all nuclear weapons, in 1958

Poster, She Sang the Colours of Peace

Poster produced by Psychologists for Peace and created by Simon Kneebone to promote children's peace book week.

Poster, Handling Anger Wisely

Poster produced by Psychologists for Peace to promote conflict resolution strategies for children

Poster, Boycott French products

Photograph of a poster calling for a boycott of French products in opposition to French Nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Poster, Australian Peace Congress

Poster advertising the Australian Peace Congress in 1950, featuring the Dean of Canterbury

Poster, "To Arms"

A poster titled "To Arms" produced by the International Workers of the World (IWW) as part of the anti-conscription campaign in Australia during World War One.

Poster, 'Mothers in Mourning'

Poster featuring the slogan "Mothers in Mourning produced by the Save Our Sons movement for Mothers'Day 1970 as part of the anti-conscription campaign during the Vietnam War.