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Front page of the last edition of The Peacemaker (newspaper), Dec 1971

Front page of the last edition of The Peacemaker (newspaper), Vol. 33 no. 9-12, Sep-Dec 1971, depicting a photograph of Michael Matteson.

Front page of The Peacemaker (newspaper), June 1965

Front page of The Peacemaker (newspaper), Vol. 27 no. 5 June 1965, with headline "First C. O. Court Hearings" also including article "Quaker Mission to Indonesia and Malaysia"

'The light of the world', artwork published in The Peacemaker (newspaper), December 1941

Artwork entitled 'The light of the world' showing a figure of Jesus Christs juxtaposed besides military aircraft and guns, published in The Peacemaker, December 1941

Photograph, 'Free John Zarb', 1969

#17 Free John Zarb March 1969.jpeg
Photograph of a large crowd of people in Sydney Road, Melbourne. At the front of the image is a sign reading "Free John Zarb"

Photographic portrait of Robert Bender, 1964

#14  Robert Bender Humanist Pacifist 1967.jpg
Head shot photographic portrait of Robert Bender as a young man with dark hair dressed in a white collared shirt looking towards the camera

Photographic portrait of Geoffrey Sandy, 1967

#12 Geoff Sandy Christian Pacifist 1967.jpg
Photographic head shot portrait of Geoffrey Sandy as a young man, dressed in suit and tie, looking towards the camera

Photograph of Doris Blackburn

Black and white photo of Doris Blackburn in middle age. She is facing the camera.

Photograph - United Women's No-Conscription Demonstration, 1916

Pat Hickey addressing the United Women's No-Conscription Rally in Melbourne, 21 October 1916

Flyer, "Australian Trades Union Anti-Conscription Congress", 1916

Flyer, dated, 2 September 1916, produced for the Australian Trades Union Anti-Conscription Congress, as part of the anti-conscription campaign during World War 1.

Photograph, Anti-conscription rally, 1916

Photograph of an anti-conscription rally at Yarra Bank, Melbourne on 16vApril, 1916