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Document, National Service Registration Card for Geoffrey Sandy, 1968

#2 A Certificate of Reistration.jpg
Printed document titled 'Certificate of Registration' with details for Mr G A Sandy

Document, 'Application for Registration as a Conscientious Objector' for Geoffrey Sandy, 1968

#6 Application for Registation as a Conscientious Objector2.jpg
Printed document titled ''Application for Registration as a Conscientious Objector" with details filled out and signed by Geoffrey Sandy

Newspaper article, 'Twenty Pounds Reward', Kapunda Herald, 1875

Newspaper article published in the Kapunda Herald and Northern Intelligencer on 13 July 1875, page 3, in which Edward William Cole advertised for a wife. Cole placed similar advertisements in newspapers across Australia. Eliza Francis of Eliza…

Book, 'The White Australia Question', EW Cole, 1903

Book written and published by EW Cole in which he argues against the 'White Australia' policy both in practice and in principle. Cole was one of few people who publicly voiced strong opposition to this policy.

Automata, Cole's Little Men, F. Ziegler, 1883

A mechanical device with figures of two small men dressed as sailors turning a crank and a series of placards featuring slogans. These slogans included both promotion of Cole's book arcade and his ideals.

Cartoon, 'Blessed are the Peacemakers', George Bellows, 1917

#11 Blessed are the Peacemakers.jpg
Black and white cartoon showing man in prison, in prisoners' clothing, with head bowed. Text runs down the right hand side of the cartoon ending with the words "Blessed are the Peacemakers"

Photograph, ‘Entrance to Wholesale Book Department’, Henry Williams, circa 1923

Photograph of the entrance to the wholesale book department of Cole's Book Arcade, part of the extension built in 1896. The photograph shows the roof structure that is still extant in Howey Place.

Photograph, ‘Mr Cole in his private office, Henry Williams, circa 1923

Photograph of Edward William Cole in his private office in the Cole's Book Arcade, taken by Henry Williams around 1923.

Booklet, 'Notes on the Conduct of Cases for Conscientious Objectors', 1968

#3 Cover of a booklet used by Conscientious Objectors.jpg
Printed title page of booklet titled 'Notes on the Conduct of Cases for Conscientious Objectors' with signature in ink in top right corner 'G Sandy' and pencil price '5c'

Photograph, Henry Bourne Higgins

Images of Henry Bourne Higgins, opponent of the Boer War