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Photograph of Bill White and his parents, Tribune/SEARCH Foundation, 1966

#18 Bill White with his parents.jpg
Upper body photograph of Bill White as a young man wearing a suit and tie, in the centre of the photograph, with his father in suit and tie to the left of the image and his mother wearing a coat, hat and gloves on the right of the image

Photograph, 'Free John Zarb', 1969

#17 Free John Zarb March 1969.jpeg
Photograph of a large crowd of people in Sydney Road, Melbourne. At the front of the image is a sign reading "Free John Zarb"

Photograph of troops from 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment in Vietnam, William James Cunneen, 1966

#16 The 6th Battalion in Vietnam 1966.jpg
Eight men in military uniform carrying guns and packs disembarking from the rear of a Chinook helicopter into an open field, walking in single file

Photograph of five members of the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1966

#15 National Servicemen join the 6th Battalion 1966.jpg
Five men in military uniform helmets with camouflage netting, Privates Rodney Cox, Gordon Stafford, Neil Baker, Mark Minell and Graham Irvine, of 8 platoon, C Company, 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, photographed outside at Enoggera,…

Photographic portrait of Robert Bender, 1964

#14  Robert Bender Humanist Pacifist 1967.jpg
Head shot photographic portrait of Robert Bender as a young man with dark hair dressed in a white collared shirt looking towards the camera

Photographic portrait of Bertrand Russell, 1957

#13 Bertrand Russell Humanist Pacifist 1957.jpg
Upper body photographic portrait of Bertrand Russell as an elderly man with white hair dressed in suit and tie, with hands clasped in front of him and holding a pair of spectacles, three quarter view looking to the right of image

Photographic portrait of Geoffrey Sandy, 1967

#12 Geoff Sandy Christian Pacifist 1967.jpg
Photographic head shot portrait of Geoffrey Sandy as a young man, dressed in suit and tie, looking towards the camera

Document, 'Application for Registration as a Conscientious Objector' for Geoffrey Sandy, 1968

#6 Application for Registation as a Conscientious Objector2.jpg
Printed document titled ''Application for Registration as a Conscientious Objector" with details filled out and signed by Geoffrey Sandy

Cartoon, 'Blessed are the Peacemakers', George Bellows, 1917

#11 Blessed are the Peacemakers.jpg
Black and white cartoon showing man in prison, in prisoners' clothing, with head bowed. Text runs down the right hand side of the cartoon ending with the words "Blessed are the Peacemakers"

Photograph, Desmond Doss receiving Congressional Medal of Honor from Harry Truman, 1945

Corporal Desmond Doss, dressed in military uniform, is receiving a medal from then President of the United States, Harry Truman, on the White House lawn in front of a group of approximately thirty men and women seated and standing, and a group of…